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Bottoms Up

by Darcy Landis - Forager Arizona and Nevada

As a forager for Whole Foods Market, in Arizona and Nevada, I import products for our Las Vegas, Phoenix-Metro, and Tucson Stores. When someone asks me what I love most about WFM, I tell them that when I shop at my stores, I can get the best products from around the world, but I can also get something special from right around the corner.  I regularly find myself trying all types of products ranging from freshly pressed olives and juicy apricots to the products you don’t hear too much about, like artisan booze - one of my favorites!  

The artisan distilleries have really impressed me and we’ve been lucky enough to work with some great ones like the Las Vegas Distillery, a small family company founded by George and Katalin Rácz.  Proudly sourcing their own ingredients from local Nevada farmers, on farms like Winnemucca farms, they have produced the first legally distilled liquor in Nevada’s history and created some of the most wonderful liquors I have tasted.  We love to see one local company supporting another. 

Another wonderful artisan distillery is the Arizona local Desert Diamond Distillery, makers of some of the finest rums, and the only rum I’ve come across that is sweetened after distillation with agave - a real treat.  Desert Diamond recently took home the gold at the San Francisco World Spirit awards. Even more impressive, with over 1200 entries and only 4 gold medals awarded in their category, Desert Diamond was the only distillery not located in the Caribbean! 

If you’re still not convinced Whole Foods Market is one of the most awesome places to get a drink, come on in and check it out for yourself or be a forager for a day, tour both facilities and taste the fine spirits distilled by our local producers.  Bottoms up!

Darcy Landis

Darcy Landis is a Whole Foods Market forager for both Arizona and Nevada

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