Whole Foods Market team members posing for group photo outside store


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Chris Giuliano

Name and Metro: Chris Giuliano

Where are you from? Born Rochester , NY

What’s your favorite music? Eels, Boombox, Ra Ra Riot

What’s your favorite color? Beer.

How do you define “A Forager?” Someone who looks over the “landscape and thinks “hmmmm…. what would be fun to graze on?"

How did you start working at Whole Foods Market?  I had friends working at WFM and they kept thinking I would love it here.

How long have you worked at Whole Foods? 6 years

What do you look for when you’re foraging for new products? Quality, Flavor, Mission, and Creativity. I look for standard items done super well and innovation that makes me think “Wow, that is fantastic!”

What’s your favorite thing you’ve brought to Whole Foods Market? Santa Barbara Wines and the new Hilary’s Garden Burgers!