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Darcy Landis

Name and Metro: Darcy Landis, AZ and NV

Where are you from? Born West Palm Beach, FL - lived in AZ since I was 8

What’s your favorite music? I’d have to say I have eclectic taste and love something from most genres, I particularly get down to Wilson Pickett, John Prine, classic country and I’ll just stop there

What’s your favorite color? I love color!  All colors really - especially the colors that are best described in terms of food. Asparagus green, mocha brown, mango reds and oranges

How do you define a Forager? someone who digs around finding the best things to bring back to the nest for everyone

How did you start working at Whole Foods Market?  I was shopping at the Tempe store with my cousin. She told me she’d only split the food bill (we were roommates) if we shopped at Whole Foods. At checkout I was given a tangerine to bring me good fortune in the New Year, it was Chinese new year. I suddenly noticed that everone in that place was loving life. I thought I love life but not at work. Maybe I should get a job here. I tried for months and finally was hired as a bagger.

How long have you worked at Whole Foods? Since May 1999, nearly 13 years

What do you look for when you’re foraging for new products? Something shiny? Haha, anything that catches my eye, but always quality

What’s your favorite thing you’ve brought to Whole Foods Market? Honestly whatever I’m currently working on is always my favorite. You fall in love everyday at this job