Whole Foods Market team members posing for group photo outside store


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Dennis Horton

Name and Metro: Dennis Horton, South Bay/ Orange County/ San Diego/ Hawaii

Where are you from? New York

What’s your favorite music? Jazz & Funk

What’s your favorite color? Green


How did you start working at Whole Foods Market? I was looking to take a break from the restaurant grind.  I wanted a job where I could use my creative voice and have access to fresh, quality, and highly seasonal and local ingredients. 

How long have you worked at Whole Foods? 2 years

Who had the biggest influence on your culinary style? My father.  He taught me about positivity and keeping a strong, hard work ethic.

What is your favorite food to cook? At this precise moment, anything that has been freshly killed or ripped from the ground that I can manipulate and transform into a highly flavorful plate.   

What is your favorite food to eat? Breakfast 

In addition to cooking, tell us one secret talent you have? I play many instruments.

If you were a food product, what would you be? An egg.  It’s highly versatile and comes with its own sauce.