Whole Foods Market team members posing for group photo outside store


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Don Nishiguchi

Name and Metro: Don Nishiguchi, California

Where are you from? San Diego

What’s your favorite music? All music

What’s your favorite color? Green

How do you define a Forager?- a person that goes out and finds new and unique items.

How did you start working at Whole Foods Market?   Started as a produce Team Leader in La Jolla

How long have you worked at Whole Foods? 6 years

What do you look for when you’re foraging for new products? The taste and quality of the product

What’s your favorite thing you’ve brought to Whole Foods Market? Finger limes from Deer Creek, Shanley Farms and Good Land Farms. Archi Acres Living OG Basil because it has a story behind it. Helping out our Vets get back into society and teaching them agriculture.