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Kimberly Albright

Name and Metro: Kimberly E. Albright - Westside metro and Valley metro

Where are you from?  The short answer, I was born in St. Louis, MO.  The longer answer: My family moved to Fairport, NY when I was six.  I went to School at the University of Buffalo.  I moved with 8 collage mates to Martha’s Vineyard for 4 years.  I then moved to Cambridge, MA to work at Bread & Circus.  In 1993 I moved to Washington DC to open our first store in the DC area.  A few years later I moved to Redondo Beach and have been in the southern California region ever since.

What’s your favorite music?  Kirtan

What’s your favorite color? Blue

How do you define a Forager? A person who seeks out or searches for unique products.  This seeking out/searching can be at local farmers markets, events, in magazines, newspaper, online (from food sites to blogs), local groups, store’s requests, existing local vendors, etc.

How did you start working at Whole Foods Market? I started in 91 as a bakery team member.

How long have you worked at Whole Foods? Since May of 91

What do you look for when you’re foraging for new products?

  • Unique, local, organic ingredients
  • A product that fits a category that we are looking to build
  • Products close to a specific store, yet also a vendor who might be so unique that they could expand from a store to my metro area to our region
  • Great packaging (also green packaging)
  • A vendor who is connected with the community and would make a good partner w/ WFM or perhaps even another local vendor.  Such as local produce that we can freeze or make into another product such as juice.
  • A product that is manufactured locally and the vendor is local

What’s your favorite thing you’ve brought to Whole Foods Market? It is really difficult to choose.  The Seedbombs, Energy Truffle, The Mozzarella Guys, Hellomellow.  I am working on fun project, with a local bakery that could supply us with amazing kosher bread.