Whole Foods Market team members posing for group photo outside store


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Nathan Hirsch

Name and Metro: Nathan Hirsch,

Where are you from? 
Phoenix, AZ

What’s your favorite music? 80's

What’s your favorite color?

 Nathan standing with crossed arms

How did you start working at Whole Foods Market?  
I heard from a friend about the  Metro Chef Job Opening 

How long have you worked at Whole Foods?

 Almost 2 years 

Who had the biggest influence on your culinary style?

 Working with Chef Payton Curry in Phoenix 

What is your favorite food to cook?

 Middle Eastern 

What is your favorite food to eat?

 Middle Eastern and Mexican Food

In addition to cooking, tell us one secret talent you have?

 I know all the state capitals  

If you were a food product, what would you be?

 A chickpea